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Sometimes writers run out of ideas for their stories.  Check out these and future ideas to keep your writing fresh:

Write down your dreams, then deveolp them into real stories.

Use your imagination to see faces in wallpaper or designs on floors or countertops.  Write a story about the people you see.

Stories don't have to be realistic.  Write a story about the wildest (or craziest, or funniest, or whatever) day you can imagine.

Write about a wish on a star.

Make up a story where an inanimate object comes to life.

Make up a story about someone you see on a television commercial.

Let each of your friends choose a word.  Use the words in a story.


Write the same story twice, once from a first person point of view and then from a third person point of view.

Write about a lost puppy.  You might want to write from the puppy’s point of view.

Write a limerick.

Make up a story about a wicked wind.

Choose a letter of the alphabet and write a story using as many words as you can that begin with that letter.

Write a story using Hink-Pinks.  Hink-Pinks are one-syllable words that rhyme.  If you mean a large feline, you would say, “fat cat”.

Write a story using Hinky-Pinkies, two-syllable words that rhyme.

Play Telephone with friends.  Then write about a story that changed the more it was told.

Choose 5 random words from the dictionary and use them in your story.

Write about a sudden change in seasons.

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