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ISBN: 978-1-7283-2263-6


I hobbled around outside the fence, curious about the empty swimming pool.  In the shallow end, I saw something that looked like a dirty towel.  Just as I started to turn away, the thing moved.  I didn't know what it was, but it was alive.


Caleb and Shallow, a heartwarming story for anyone who has ever owned a dog or wanted one, tells of the trusting friendship and unconditional love between a boy and his dog.  

Shallow prides himself on being the boss, which turns out to be his downfall.  Twelve-year-old Caleb, who has persevered through trials of his own, rescues Shallow from near death and nurses him back to health.  But Caleb's troubles are just beginning, and they are all because of his new best friend, Shallow.

The Missing Persons List cover.jpg


ISBN: 978-1-5462-4269-7       

The voice of my mother echoed in my head.  You shouldn’t be there, Devon.  She was right.  I knew better than to go snooping.  Now I was going to have to pay for what I’d done.

The Missing Persons List is a gripping story of survival, unforgettable in its content, and compelling in the moral decisions it presents.

When thirteen-year-old Devon is dropped off at the wrong bus stop, he finds himself on a strange, lonely road. “Call your father,” says the driver, but Devon’s cell phone is dead. He hopes his father will come looking for him, but even if he knew where to look, there’s been an accident, and he can’t rescue Devon. In the face of hardships and danger, Devon struggles to survive and realizes he must rely upon courage and ingenuity to find his own way home.


LITTLE SHRIMPY?                

ISBN: 978-1524627041                   


Get ready for some wacky fun with Jake, the shortest kid at Camp Wildwood.  Stretching like a human rubber band or dangling from trees might make him taller, but if his arms stretch, he'll look like a chimpanzee.  In the meantime, a kid twice his size nicknames him Little Shrimpy.  That's not a name, that's a shellfish, but the name sticks.

Jake gets in the camp spirit by soaping cook pots inside and out, making paper fire houses to start campfires, and whomping crickets with cricket bats.  But there's no escaping those campfire ghost stories and the on-the-loose camp ghost.  Floorboard creak, beds bump, the big kid goes missing, and Jake, in all his innocence, becomes the prime suspect.  You won't believe how things turn out in the very uproarious Who Are You Calling Little Shrimpy?

THE HOW-TO JOKE                 

ISBN: 978-1-4490-5162-4                   

FROM THE JAKE SERIES                                                           


Jake looked at the broken alarm clock in the driveway.  It was smashed to smithereens.  Tiny gears spun on the pavement.  They looked like miniature tops, wobbling and falling over.  He glanced back at his open second story window.  He shook his head.  He didn’t think it was supposed to happen this way.


Everyone loves Jake, the literal-minded student.  When he tries to prove a joke, he makes a real mess of things.  He throws an alarm clock out the window to see time fly.  He tells jokes to eggs to make them crack up.  He even tries to convince his cousin to take a bath in front of the class.  Be prepared for some giggles and laughs as Jake tries to how-to a joke.

JAKE THE DETECTIVE              




Suddenly from the hall, he heard Mr. Cobb’s voice.  “Time to lock up.”

Jake hunkered down by the computer.  The door opened.  Mr. Cobb appeared.  He turned out the lights.  He closed the door.  Click!—Jake heard a clacking sound.  Mr. Cobb had locked him in.


It’s a BIG MYSTERY when things disappear from Jake’s classroom.  Can nine-year-old Jake catch the thief?  As an amateur detective, he has questions.  Does going under cover mean putting a bedspread over your head?  Is putting a tail on someone like Pin the Tail on the Donkey?  If you catch a thief red-handed, will he have red hands?  Jake’s good at following directions and does exactly what he’s told, which leads to mix-ups, mistakes, and laugh-out-loud fun.


ISBN:978-1-4772-6521-5 (sc)

ISBN:978-1-4772-6522-2 (e)

FROM THE JAKE SERIES                                               


Jake looked down at his report card. His math grade looked all big on the page. Big? It was HUGE! And it wasn’t an A or a B. It was an F. His math grade was a big HUGE F!


Nine-year-old Jake has a problem—a BIG math problem. A teenage tutor comes to his rescue, and that’s when the fun begins. His eagerness to show what he’s learned turns into trouble—especially for know-it-all Angela. Jake gives his teacher a bouquet of poison ivy and steals the show with his wacky math rap. Pretty soon, marbles are rolling under his teacher’s feet, and students are shedding their clothes. But when Jake brings a sword to school to teach division, not-to-be-outdone Angela, with scissors in hand, shows him how division is really done.


THE MATH PROBLEM is packed with pluses . . . a well-paced and often high-spirited narrative, a romp of a read that adds up to an excellent selection for middle readers . . . recommended for use by elementary school math teachers.  - Blue Ink Review


THE MATH PROBLEM brings excitement to otherwise dry concepts . . . will win over young students struggling in school.  - Clarion Review 

NOT AS IT SEEMS                          

ISBN: 798-1-4685-8373-1



The night is black.  There are no stars, no moon.  At the edge of the forest the creature lingers, watching.  His presence is unknown.  He likes it that way.  No one can see him, yet he can see everything, everyone.


Ralphie doesn’t believe in friends until a man in the woods behind his house magically appears.  When the man and his cabin vanish, Ralphie learns that some things are real and some things as not as they seem.  To figure out which is which, Ralphie must believe in himself and make peace with others. 


Ah, but wait!  Lurking in the woods is a mysterious creature that will change his life forever.

THE CHILD PIRATE                      

ISBN: 978-1425937379



“I’ve somethin’ for ya,” she whispered, leaning closer to him.  “I’m givin’ it to you ‘cause there’s a curse on it for a woman such as me.”


From the safety of his cage, young pirate Briney McDoogal witnesses mystery and danger on the high seas.  When someone comes to him in the darkest of nights and threatens his life, his innocence is shattred.  He seeks safety in Port Antonio, darting between shadows, hiding under floorboards, encountering murderers, thieves, and a thought-to-be dead woman, until mysterious clues appear for hidden treasure.


ISBN: 978-1-4389-1610-1



A twig snapped, then another and another.  With each snap, their skins crawled.  Something was there, and it might grab them at any moment.


In this 18th century clue-filled treasure hunt laced with high sea adventure, trickery, ghosts, masquerade, and murder, fourteen-year-old Briney McDoogal is tried for piracy and condemned to die.  Following cryptic clues for long-lost treasure, he wards off cut-throats and thieves until he finds himself face to face with Blackbeard himself.  Amid lurking suspicion, he must decide between his dream of riches or his ship, his crew, and his life.


PIRATES TO THE END is the light-hearted story of honor among thieves and family among outcasts . . .peppered with bygone superstitions and whimsical capers that keep things lively. . . young Captain Briney stands ready to fill the boots of a new and enchanting Peter Pan and to reinstate the magic for middle grade readers who still crave fantasy.


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